Rules and Regulations
  • The admission is exclusively for members.
  • All members should register their name at the reception counter.
  • Guests are allowed only with members.
  • Host member will be responsible for his guests to abide the club rules strictly.
  • A particular guest is allowed only 5 times in a month irrespective of the host.
  • Affiliated club member is allowed only upto 5 times in a month. Affiliated club members are not permitted to bring any guests.
  • A member can bring guests only up to 10 numbers at a time or else separate booking, as a party will be necessary.
  • No guest fee will be charged for ladies and children.
  • Vehicles with gymkhana sticker will only be allowed to park in the reserved parking area. Members and guests are requested to follow the guidelines by security staff in the parking area.
  • No member shall instruct/reprimand the club staff or security. Complaints / suggestions if any shall be brought to the notice of secretary in writing.
  • Food and drinks from outside are not allowed.
  • Food and drinks order will be entertained only upto 10.30 pm.
  • Room guests are not allowed to entertain visitors in guest rooms.
  • Entry restricted to the club premises between 10.30 p.m. And 6.30 am.
  • Check out time : 12 noon

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